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Music Lessons

Private lessons in piano, composition, or theory (Children - Adults)

Music is a universal language.  Learn keyboard skills in a comprehensive curriculum for all musical styles or focus on any of the following options.
         Learn to read music &/or lead sheets
         Classical repertoire
         Sacred music
         Popular songs
         Jazz / Simple Improvisation
         Theory / Ear Training


Pre-college students may participate in festivals, recitals, chamber music, theory tests, and more at local, regional and state levels.   Vicki Conway is an active member of Music Teachers National Association, Texas Music Teachers Association, East Texas Music Teachers Association and Longview Music Teachers Association.  She is also faculty sponsor for the UT Tyler MTNA Collegiate Chapter.  Tuition for the academic year is based on 32 lessons over a 33 week period plus recitals, festivals, theory tests, lesson preparations and music selections throughout the year.  Click the Downloads button below for our 2019-2020 studio policy.

Adult Lesson Starter Package $150
4 one-hour lessons for the price of 3
(25% savings)
Flexible scheduling



Math Tutoring

Flexible scheduling - contact us for an appointment

$30 per hour

Multi-Session Package

$25 per hour when you prepay $100 for 4 sessions

Developmental Fitness

Weekly Motor Skills Session Prices
$35     30-minute private session
$50     One-hour private session (once per week or 30 minutes twice per week)
$25     One-hour group session for 3 or more participants

Multi-Session Packages

$350   One-hour private weekly sessions for 8 weeks ($50 savings)

$150    One-hour group session for 3 or more participants ($50 savings)

Evaluations (1 1/2 hours)
$175   Evaluation, equipment, Activity Book & DVD
$75     Each additional person included in evaluation (add 1/2 hour)

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Developmental Fitness: Click on the handwriting example download below to see before and after handwriting samples of a Developmental Fitness client.  The top half of the sample represents typical handwriting papers of a 3rd grader prior to developmental skills testing. The lower half shows the improvement after specifically targeting and improving center line and cross lateral skills. All other skill areas for this student were very strong, so her results were quick and dramatic.  Such dramatic results are not always typical, but some improvement in cognitive and social skills can generally be seen as developmental skills improve.

Music Lessons: The following is an excerpt from a note received from a 2011 Keyboard Wellness Seminar Participant where Vicki Conway is a faculty member.

"What a wonderful effect you've had on my piano playing!  Thank you so much for all of the time you spent helping me with the exercises - and mostly thank you for discovering my eye weakness.  I have already improved several seemingly impossible passages - all that I've worked on for years!!  Wow - it's an almost instant transformation - thank you so, so much."


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